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Detailed and expert knowledge when it comes to anything blood related. 

Get an in-depth understanding of the background and the information behind what it is Dr McGregor looks for during blood analysis and learn the terms and explanations for each. 

Please read through his series of well written notes and get an insight into the vast but interesting background behind his work, as he explains the - 

  • Red series

  • White series

  • Enzymes and Pigments 

  •  Working the horse with a nasal discharge 

  • Thyroid function in Racing and Breeding Thoroughbreds 

Dr McGregor, although semi-retired, is still available to pursue his special interest of analysing blood results for racing horses and Greyhounds. Many trainers take advantage of his expertise in this area to ensure their horses are trained to, and working at their peak.

The service is routinely utilised by trainers from around Australia and as far away as the USA, Hong Kong and Singapore. Since 1987, blood analysis has been available to clients from all around the world. 

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